Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brain Stuff

I thought a lot about not having the chemicals to feel happiness.
I tried to feel happy. Nothing. I tried to remember being happy.
Nothing came to mind except those few days when the drug worked.
It is an odd concept. I'm not sure where to go with that.

Then I was too busy to worry about anything. I had another Skype
interview with a guy in Oklahoma. We talked for 2 1/2 hours!
Strangely it turns out he had been depressed his whole life,
and it bi-polar to boot. We went off on that for 20 minutes.
The interviews always click. No matter how scared they are or
how much they think they have nothing to say - hours go by with
them still talking. I think it is a strange gift to have - the
ability to get anyone to talk. What do you do with it? Become
an interrogator?

Then there were errands, and I got around to starting the edit on
the next show, which technically should have gone up tonight,
but I'm only half done. It was a long one, with my old roommate

It is a special interview, and I am trying to do it justice.
He just had his 3rd major depressive episode where he required
hospitalization. I've been through 2 others with him, but this
was the worst yet, with the longest recovery. He finally wanted
to be interviewed to talk about what he'd been through. An
amazing inside view. I hope to get it posted tomorrow.

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David Cummer said...

I posted your url for U-Q (hey, wait a minute... You read my blog, what am I doing here??

Anyway, ...uh... Can't think of anything to say. Need more cofffe

See you later today.