Saturday, March 11, 2006


I had another Skype interview for my show today. The recording
program I was using had never worked well. It crashed a lot
during interviews! I bought a new one off the web last night
and stayed up late learning to use it. Unfortunately it doesn't
work with a USB headset, so I dashed out before the interview to
get a new stereo mic headset.

The new set-up worked wonderfully. My interview was with Rose
from the mountains. Lovely, dark, sad and wise Rose. She talked
of her struggles; being one of the only African Americans in her
very white communities, as a runner, and a Technology Specialist
with the library. I so enjoyed talking with her, and will put her
show up in 3 weeks. It is a thing of awe, talking to these people
from such a broad range of life experiences and places. I learn
from each one of them, they are my teachers.

I feel like I am opening up my mind and horizons from my living
room. It is almost as good as when I was traveling a lot. Though
the scenery was a bit better, then.

I'm still struggling to recover the joy of weeks ago.
It just isn't coming back. There is a long road ahead, I think,
and that makes me very tired. I miss that feeling I had, I crave
that feeling. It was such a small taste - I had such great hopes
that it was finally going to start turning around for me. So short,
so unfairly short, I held what had only been a dream.

So I put on my raincoat, huddle my shoulders against the biting
chill of life, and venture back out into the grey and stormy world.
I start the climb back up the that steep and oh so slippery hill.
What else can you do?

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