Sunday, March 19, 2006

Dreams, Depression, and Sleep

The David C. Interview is finally up. Turned out to be quite a
long edit, and I had to stop while we filmed a new video show
today. That should be up in a day or two. Between doing an
interview, editing another, and doing the video, my entire
weekend disappeared. I'm still doing too much podcasting!
(But it is awfully addictive, to have an audience, at last).

I started eating a lot better, and taking more vitamins. I'm trying
to follow the diet more from that book "The Chemistry of Joy" that
I mentioned. When I am awake, I feel physically not so sick.
I needed to nap a lot this weekend, but I think that is from the
depression getting gradually worse. The long slide begins, again.
Yuck...not a pleasant thought to know it is happening.

My dreams have been getting wilder and more frequent. I started
looking for common themes. I realize I dream about elevators,
escalators and stairways most of the time. I looked them up in
dream interpretations on the web. They all represent changes in
levels of consciousness (going up is supposed to mean going to
higher levels, or going down is descending into lower levels or
setbacks. I think they have all been about going down, lately).

I also dream about missing airline flights, showers, and swimming
pools in many dreams. Not sure what that is all about! Airport
departures interrupted, are supposed to mean a reluctance on the
dreamers part to change or transition. Showers are supposed to
be about the cleansing of old ideas. Swimming pools can be
about emotions, trust, social things. I never could make any
sense out of most of my dreams. Or my waking life, for that
matter! :) They both seem to have the same level of difficulty
to interpret.

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