Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FantasyLand Hero

When I don't like my life, I find I retreat further into fantasies
in my head. I'm replaying my favorite one again these days. Where
I find I am unknowingly a host to a spirit that is gatekeeper for
the Earth and I have to bravely stop invasions of lethal creatures
that breech into our dimension at my workplace. I have a huge
energy sword, pulled from my own body, and can use tremendous
power drawn from the earth. Nothing original, but it entertains

One of my interviewees, Anthony, said that he had a bad "super-hero
complex". He really wanted to be one. I can relate. All of my
fantasy worlds in my head have me cast as someone with super
powers of some kind or another. I don't think of the usual comic
book superhero, but a beautiful woman with lighting swords, and
psychic powers. What does it mean, that you want to be a hero?
(but what you really are is a rather lazy geek...) Being a hero
would actually be more work than I could handle....

Probably don't get regular meals, or much in the way of sleep as a
super hero. I guess that is why they are just fantasy.

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