Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fun Lists are Fun

It turns out that making "fun" lists with people is rather fun :)
I added onto my list today when IM'ing to a friend in Tokyo.
He opened the session, supposedly after reading yesterday's post,
insisting IM-ing friend's in Tokyo would be considered fun!
It was.

If any of you out there have suggestions, please add comments
to this post! I need all the help I can get in thinking of
fun. I'm having a hard time coming up with anything I would
think would really be fun. My list is just stuff that might
be interesting. For a bit. Maybe.

I went to a bookstore today (to get 2 books that were assigned as
part of my therapy "homework"). Found some exquisite blank book
journals and got one for Cayenne. I instead, bought a Japanese
"Lucky Cat" statue. The silly, smiling white cat with it's paw
raised in greeting. It made me smile, so I got it for my cube
at work. It is supposed to bring good luck. I could use some of
that action.

Also got a converter for my GameBoy so I can play it on the
Game Cube. I have some goofy "Hamtaro" games, and some pinball,
and it would be nice to play it on the big screen. It was on
my fun list to play silly video games. Ha! Now I can justify
anything, by saying "it was on my fun list". (Having a dozen
lovers would be fun - think I'll add it to the list! ;) )
When my therapist asked how my sex drive was, I said "Oh,
I have plenty of that!", and made her laugh.

Felt pretty sad most of today. My brain feels kind of dead in
the emotional department. There is this gloomy pall over
everything I do. It is almost impossible to have fun when
nothing happens when you are doing things you like. Otherwise
the brain functions fine. I'm finishing up books, and starting on
my reading assignment. Read up some more on drugs, and the
combinations neurotransmitter drugs. I'm convinced I should try
one of those. What do I have to lose?


The Manly Geek said...

Hi Sue,
When I want to have fun, which is often, I speak to myself, and or others, in funny voices. I have an Indian voice, a german voice, several British voices, both male and female. I get some interesting looks but it amuses me. Also, I like to play practical jokes at work. Currently, I am putting traffic cones at the entrance to the reserved parking spaces of some of the big wigs. They have to get out of their cars and move the cones to park. This is especially fun when its raining out. Also, I think I have a couple of them convinced that its the guy next to them who's doing it so I have been playing one guy off another. Hee, Hee. Now THAT's fun.

As for "homework" during therapy, that's completely standard practice. And without it you'll never get better. Trust me, my Mom's been going to the same therapist for 20 years or so. She just want's to talk, but doesn't really like the whole homework thing. Both my wife and I went through counselling before we met each other and had our own homeworkt to do. It is one of the things that got us both properly tuned so we could have a healthy relationship with each other.

Susan Grandys said...

Manly Geek - the traffic cones story made me laugh out loud. I can just see you doing that.
I have a real streak of "shit and troublemaker" that it really appeals to.

I know you are right about the homework - I just hadn't expected that much of it! And I hope this is only a year or so - not 20!
Guess I better do the work :)