Monday, March 20, 2006

What else: Shows and Drugs!

A new video show is up - it's pretty funny, considering we did the
entire thing in 3 hours, with no idea of what we were going to film.
We had only one idea - something about "Man against Nature". And
as usual, it got totally out of hand from there.
Get it, at

Strange health - last night I had muscle aches so bad I couldn't sleep.
I was a bit worried because 2 of the meds I'm on for diabetes and
cholesterol say to watch for "unexplained muscle aches". One means
your liver has failed, the other that you have lactic acidosis,
which is 50% fatal. Calming thoughts! I had no other symptoms
except my stomach hurt.

Then today, I got the chills at work and had to wear my jacket and
then I was feeling too hot, which made me feel better. It was
probably only the flu. But I've had a flu shot, so that was pretty
much it. By tonight, I felt well enough to exercise.

I have to get back to exercising every day. I've been too depressed
to care, but now I have now gained 15 pounds back because of the
anti-depressant drugs. I'd rather be depressed and thin. Grrrr.
I'm changing drugs as soon as I can. I'm going to keep dropping
my food intake until it starts coming off again. I'm getting
bored with the whole thing. Can you get bored with being depressed?
Will it just stop if you get bored enough? Probably not, but it is
a nice thought...

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