Friday, March 10, 2006

What is religion?

I'm still trying to get through "The Road Less Traveled" by M.
Scott Peck. I disagree with many thing he says, be he gets me
enough to keep me reading. I was somewhat dreading the section
on "Growth and Religion" - I thought he would get all religious
on me. But he surprised me so far. Two things he said, really
made me think.

One was "The path to holiness lies through questioning everything."
I liked that. No messages of blind faith, or just accept what
they tell you to believe. But question absolutely everything.
Now that sounds like me!

The other was "There is no such thing as a good hand-me-down
religion." He said that it had to be entirely personal to you.
I've always said that. I think everyone should invent their
own religion that works for them. Even if it is just science.
But again - even that should be heavily questioned, the
studies carefully scrutinized.

I took a class once that taught you how to really tear apart a
scientific study and make sure all the variables were properly
addressed and controlled, before you accepted the validity of
the experiment. They taught how to really critique science.
I learned a lot in that class - probably the knowledge I've
used the most in life, from all of my studies. Well that, and
acting. Acting is really handy to get you through your job,
meetings, how to seem polite to managers you want to strangle....

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