Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back, at Last

Finally, the Lexapro is probably out of my system and I got the
Wellbutrin down to 100mg and achieved perfection, Nirvana - ok
not that good. But I'm not wired, I feel great, I'm not sleepy
anymore, I have real energy for the first time in 8 months.
I bought stuff, did yard work, planted bulbs, moved stuff around
in the garage (so it would stop falling over on my car) and just
enjoyed the outdoors.

I haven't been this functional in almost a year. It was a long,
long road, but I declare that I have arrived! It is about bloody
time. The last year exceeded all others in "suckage" factor,
well except maybe the year just previous to it, but that year
had some interesting high points. This one just blew.

But I'm back.
Hopefully for good.

And the next long road of now dealing with everything I ignored
for a year, begins.....
I hate losing years like that. It's not the first one that I've
misplaced. I wish I had them all back. Can you tack them on the end?
I hope so, I'm going to run out of "the end" soon enough.


Big Phil said...

The Lexapro has to be the reason I have no energy and want to sleep all the time.

Susan Grandys said...

You got it! That is how I felt on both Prozac and Lexapro. I literally could not get enought sleep. 12 hours a night wouldn't have been enough. I'm glad that chapter is gone.