Saturday, April 29, 2006

Creative Exhaustion

I love being creative, but man is it exhausting! I have 2 new shows
up on the web today! Guess what I was doing ALL day today!

Get the new Uncomfortable Questions interview show:
"The Manly Geek Interview". It is an amazing interview with an
amazing guy! Manly Geek is one of 3 Webmasters for the Marine
Corps and started The Manly Geek Show (where he teaches geeks
to be men, and men to be geeks!) A charming guy with a great sense
of humor. Check him out.

And a new Channel Surfing Wipeout Video show is up. This is
probably the most bizarre episode ever. Our senses of humor took a
diagonal turn somewhere. I like it a lot! It is much closer to our
real sense of humor around the house. When the three of us in the
comedy troupe lived together, it was like that all of the time!

I'll be on the New England road trip in less than 2 weeks! I'm so
excited, I'm finally getting a vacation! Cay took the car in for an oil
change, and we at least contemplated cleaning it out for the trip.
But it was raining all day - so we easily ignored that task :)

We're bringing a laptop, ipods, digital and video cameras, and
recording equipment on the trip (the perfect geek packing method)
so I should be able to post pictures of trip to this blog as it
happens. Also might record some stuff for the podcasts as we go.
I suppose that will mean I have to look for hotels with Web access.
(so much for cheap motels!). Or I suppose finding a coffee shop
with access will work, too.

Otherwise, still feeling good in the brain department, I did stop
losing weight after the 4 pounds, I guess I'll have to work for it
now, but it should come off with enough diet and exercise, whereas
on the drugs it just went up - even starving and exercising my head

So for now, things are good.

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