Thursday, April 20, 2006

End of the Rainbow

The problem with working, is during the week that is most of your
day, so what else do you have to talk about but work? I'm really
getting into a lot of projects, and doing a lot of interesting and
varied things. Days just blaze by and I'm keeping my mind very
busy and entertained. I'm almost reluctant to come home, I love
learning new things so much. I'm also wired to the gills on
Wellbutrin, so working gives me something to do with all that
energy buzz.

I cut the dose back to 150mg (from 300mg) and I can tolerate that
amount. 300mg is a "normal" adult dose. Who are those people?
That much would raise the dead, it would allow you to fly, with
or without a plane. If my heart didn't go so fast, it would be
fun to be that wired, I could get an awful lot done! I wonder if
being on speed feels like that?

I saw the most beautiful rainbow on my drive home (which was good
because the highway way stop and go for miles, and it gave me
something nice to look at all the way home!) It was huge, and
really bright - I could see every color band in it. One end looked
like it was coming out of a field next to the road and I so
wanted to stop and walk up to it, and see what it would look like
from the point where it came out of the ground. Could you still
see it if you were that close? I've never seen the endpoint of a
rainbow before. Of course I did think about that "pot of gold".
But then again, a big pot of gold would be awfully heavy. Could
I get it into the car? Would the leprechaun beat me up? Could I
take him? Are leprechauns strong? Long commutes on a wired brain
are an entertaining thing....


Big Phil said...

I once slid down a rainbow and fell into a gold pot.
The pot turned blue and my feet started to shrink.

My feet were stuck in the pot. My body starting turning blue, and I couldn't breath.
I couldn't move.

Big Phil said...

I know, kind of a weird post. I was in a weird mood

Susan Grandys said...

I didn't see anything that weird about it. I thought it was as nice compliment
to my wired brain thoughts. :)
I like experimental writing, anyways.