Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Grand Adventure

Another fine day. I'm doing very well off the drugs. I'm feeling great,
and enjoying things quite a bit. The brain shocks stopped, and
except for a couple of moments today, when I suddenly felt a little
"unreal" there are no other side effects. I'm not sleeping quite as
well, and my dreams are disappointingly boring. On the drugs, I had
8 months of bizarre and vastly entertaining dreams! I'll miss those.

I wonder if my brain was trying to compensate for being suppressed?
It worked out all that creativity and emotional nature in my dream
life. I guess it will not be denied.

The weight has started sliding off, as I suspected it would. Still,
it may take a couple of months just to get back to where I was.
I'm not happy about that, but it at least is possible, now.

Am I angry about what I've been through? Not really, except that I
could have put that year to better use. As my friend David says,
"I'm on a grand adventure". I suppose that is the only way to look
at it, and just chalk up all experiences - good and bad - to being
part of the adventure. Real adventures are often rather unpleasant,
frightening and uncomfortable when you are going through it.
But, oh! The fine stories you can tell, afterwards.

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