Monday, April 24, 2006

Hot Water and Brain Shocks

I think my house smelled my tax money. My hot water heater broke,
and I don't know how long until I can get a new one. They are coming
out tomorrow to look at it. I don't know what they are going to look
at, it has a big crack in it. I want them to bring another one! Last
time I got a chunk of money, everything in the old house broke
(including the hot water heater in that house). Hot water heaters
seem to be very prone to knowing when you have money, and
promptly explode...

I'm told there are showers at work, there had better be! I may not
have hot water for awhile.... I'll go into work early and bring my
towel:) A strange way to live. At least I have a back up for
getting clean!

Completely off the anti-depressant drugs today, and feel just fine.
Except the "brain shocks". This morning, every now and then it felt
like I could feel something firing off in my brain - like a little
shock. Very weird. I looked it up, and sure enough, it is one of the
withdrawal symptoms. I like to think of it as my brain firing back
up, after being suppressed for so long :) Everything had a "depth"
it hasn't had for awhile.

I suppose it is that very depth of my brain that gets me in trouble
when things go seriously wrong, I feel everything so deeply and
hugely. However, when the depth was applied to appreciating the
beauty of all the trees bursting into leaf on the drive into work,
it is a fine thing.


David Cummer said...

Ya want me to come and speak calmly to your house, like I do with Hoover?

Susan Grandys said...

No, I want you to do what you did at the old house (After everything broke last time, David ran around the house and hugged every appliance and said "we love you!")

Big Phil said...

The last time I went cold turkey I was dragged kicking and screaming to the psych ward. What type of natural remedies are you using?

Susan Grandys said...

I didn't go "cold turkey", I've been cutting back every day. The fact that my body rejected the drugs, is sign enough for me that I didn't need them anymore.

They didn't have anything to "work on" and were making me sick (as a drug would for other medical problems if you take them after you don't need them).

If my mood slips again, I'll try the St. Johns Wort and 5-HTP combination. That helped some. Other than that, I take lots of vitamins, and exercise, and try to have good interactions with people. We'll see where this goes. Don't worry, Cayenne is keeping a sharp eye on me, to make sure I don't go into a slide.

I'm sure my friends who read this are watching me pretty sharply too. :)
Great - now I'll be afraid to post any of my wilder thoughts. But I'll post them anyways. I don't believe in much censorship.

Big Phil said...

I know you didn't go cold turkey. You have inspired me to go from 20 mg of my Lexapro dosage to 10 mg.

St. Johns Wart? I've heard many people use this for lots of different ailments. Perhaps I should do some more research.