Friday, April 21, 2006


Waaaay too wired. I'm going to have to cut the drug dose again. I
think I may get hopped up from this drug just by smelling it! I'm
going to have to cut what they said I should take, down to 1/3.

Met up with some of the old crowd from my previous job tonight. We
ate and talked for about 4 hours. We couldn't get together last
month, so this was the first time I've seen them in 2 months. It
was really good to see them and talk with them again. What a great
bunch of people!

I didn't want to drink tonight because of the new drugs, so I drank
iced tea. We were talking so much, I didn't pay attention to how
many refills the waitress brought. I sort of forgot there is
caffeine in iced tea. So now I'm REALLY WIRED!!!!!!

It's actually rather uncomfortable.... I just want to go to sleep,
and I'm not sure that will be physically possible. Here's hoping
the homoeopathy "Coffea Cruda" will do it's magic. It is what I've
taken in that past when having trouble sleeping. It is so named,
for that jittery feeling you get when you've had too much coffee.
It usually works.

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