Thursday, April 06, 2006

Job Contentedness - at last....

I ended up working on 4 different projects at work today. Every hour
I had to constantly change gears, read something, go to a meeting,
test something, install something, set something up - on each of the
4 different projects. I really had to concentrate to remember which
one I was working on at the moment. I found I was enjoying the
challenge, and decided I totally like the new place.

Especially since my teammate on 2 of the projects is really fun and
we keep trying to get each other to cause trouble. I told him about
my arsenal of nerf guns at the last job, and he so wanted me to bring
them in. Ahhhhh, a fellow troublemaker, at last. Actually there is a
new guy from India across from me that seems to have what it takes
to raise heck. He has that sparkle in his eye. I bet we can talk him
into doing silly things along side us :) The guy from India and I
threatened to hold "high tea" in our aisle, since it was too quiet,
and invite everyone by for "tea" and socializing.

I'm doing very well at the new job, its been 9 1/2 months and I am
hitting my full stride, getting involved in everything, getting
lots done, and consistently hitting my schedules. I'm good at
juggling a lot of different things. No time to get bored, and the
day goes very fast. I finally feel totally comfortable and like
I belong there.

I believe work is quite happy with me, at least I hope so! They keep
giving me more projects, so they trust me to get them done. I also
volunteer to help out on other projects any time I have a spare
moment. I really do hate being bored.... So, all-in-all, this was the
right job choice and I'm glad I can finally settle in and enjoy it.
I have to like what I am doing, and like my workplace to feel some
balance in my life.


Big Phil said...

BTW, I'm really glad you're feeling better. The new meds seem to be working for you.

Big Phil said...

Oh, I've always been known as the "troublemaker" at work. Too many stories to tell....

Susan Grandys said...

Yes, three pretty good days in a row!
quite rare. Must be the new drugs :)

I'm pretty well behaved but there is this real streak of shit and troublemaker in me. Doesn't take much to bring it out!