Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just In Time

It appears that "life" likes my show.

I've thought of quitting the interview show many times when I don't
have any volunteers - I worry that people are tired of it, and no one
wants to do the show. Every time I start thinking about doing
something else, there is the next email!

The last time I thought I was done, I suddenly had 3 more irresistible
shows to do. I posted the last of them yesterday, and email from
another fascinating volunteer shows up, right on time. These people
are so interesting, I can't NOT interview them! I enjoyed the heck
out of the interviews and made a couple of new friends.

Money is like that for me too. I never saved a dime, and every time
I think I've really screwed it up this time, there is the next batch
of money, often unexpected. It's not enough to live wildly
extravagantly, but enough to deal with the next thing.

Jobs were like that also. When I HAD to have a new job - there one
was. Even in times when no one else could get a job.
It is kind of strange, how many things often just come along, when
you have to have it.

It is almost enough to believe in a helping force, but then I obsess on
why passion and love never came my way. Why I had to be so horribly
depressed. Why so many of my friends died or disappeared. Those
needs were huge and consuming, and made me so sad.
Where was my Fairy Godmother then?

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