Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lazy Easter

The Phil T. Interview show is finally up. I spent a good part of
this afternoon, still editing away. I am probably too picky about how
good the show sounds, that it takes me far to long to edit. But I am
always proud of the final product.

I'm still accelerating the medicine changeover. I left the Lexapro
at 5mg, and put the Wellbutrin up to the full 300 mg dose today.
Still feel quite good. Only weird thing, is I've started having
bouts with car sickness, if I am not driving. I used to get really
car sick as a teenager, but still traveled all over the country -
so I guess this won't impact the road trip. I have to find some
of those car sickness pills.

Otherwise, it was a relaxing day. Everything was closed for Easter,
so shopping was right out. Our power went out for a couple of hours
around dinner, so we had to "toast" frozen bagels in a frying pan.
That was pretty entertaining. (Must have been a really slow day...)

Took a walk, and played the video game "Hot Shots Golf 4".
I hadn't played #4 and just barely came in at one over par. I was
pretty good at Hot Shots Golf #1, 2 and 3. What a wonderfully
useless talent to have. I'm a killer putter in those games :)
Probably couldn't play "real" golf to save my life. Especially
since you can't do it from your couch....

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