Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing Much

Feeling a little weird. I cant tell if it is withdrawal from the old
drug or the new drug being too strong. My mood is great, but my
head feels strange - sort of like dizziness, only different. I can't
describe it - it isn't like anything I've ever felt. I'm still getting
tons of work done, so my brain is working fine, I just feel odd.

What else is going on.... not much. Studying Japanese again, and I'm
enjoying that. There is a podcast called "" -
it has been quite the aid in coming back up to speed. I've
forgotten so much. Its the best audio teaching aid I've heard, and
it's all free and online. I remember spending $70-100 for video or
audio tapes during classes, to help learn the Japanese. Podcasting
is an amazingly good thing. (Even if I am biased about that!)

My own shows are doing alright. "Uncomfortable Questions" has
settled down to an audience of about 450 downloads per show in the
first 2 weeks it is up, but eventually each show goes to 500 or more.
"Channel Surfing Wipeout" is often breaking 1000 downloads over a
month. Putting those shows up every 2 weeks, instead of every week
was the right decision. Doing them both, every week, pretty much
took over my life. Now I have a lot more free time.

If only I felt better, so I could make better use of it!

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Big Phil said...

I felt much the same way last year when I quit taking Lexapro.
I felt dizzy, had trouble sleeping, and has stomach aches.
It could be a result going off the drug.