Sunday, April 09, 2006

Spring Brain

A day of filming for the Channel Surfing Wipeout show and moving
furniture. Even worked throwing away the old couch into a sketch.
Hopefully it will be up tomorrow. This is the "special effects"
show that we filmed most of, a month ago and then couldn't get the
effects program to work. It was a month of email to England and
they said no one but us had this problem. Then they released a new
update and it fixed the problem :)

It was sunny and 60 degrees today, so spent a lot of it out in the
back, watching the dogs run around like idiots. I think they have
spring fever too. A pretty low key day, which is fine. I really
don't relax enough. Strangely enough, I'm not even thinking about
much today. The brain is pretty quiet. A little worried now and then
about a friend who isn't doing so well, but not even much of that.
So I guess its a low key day for my brain too. It never takes time

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