Thursday, April 13, 2006

Worries and Butterflies

Today was another good day. It isn't right that I have to report on
days that are good, like it is something unusual. Actually the last
2 weeks have been pretty good. I think I've hit a new level of comfort
with things. Enough time has passed from all the bad things that it
seems normal healing has taken place.

I still have twinges of worry during the day, "I'm sure my friend hates
me and doesn't want to be my friend anymore", "I'm positive I'm not
working hard enough at work, and I'll get a lousy raise", etc., etc.
They come and go pretty quickly though. I hope they are not true, I
have no evidence that they are true, so I finally decide it is a waste
of time to worry about them. Besides, "oh look at this new program
I get to learn how to use. Cool." (Easily distractable....Butterflies!)

Only a month to the road trip. I'm starting to study the maps and
figure out the best routes. In addition to Cay stopping to see his
family in New York, we called a friend in Rhode Island, and he got
so excited he is going to take the day off and show us around the

There is another friend in Massachusetts that we are trying to
arrange to see. We'll be all over New England trying to visit
everyone and see everything in 5 days. Might be a little tight!
I'm still going to get to Maine though, at least as far as Acadia.
I have some rock sitting and staring at the ocean to do.
It's been too long.

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Manly Geek said...

You'll love Maine. My wife and I take a week up there every summer. If you can get to the coast that would be awesome. Eat lots of seafood while you are there.