Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Access From Newport, R.I.

Wow, I just got internet access again. So much has happened. And
I'm trying to do too much, as usually. We're very burnt out and had
to slow down tonight!

Made it from Cleveland to Staten Island in about 8 hours, and then
it was "meet Cay's family time". I met his mom, grandma, sister and
brother. Hit it off tremendously with his sister, as he suspected I
would. Even though we had never met, it was like we picked up a
conversation we had been having for years.

The next day was whirlwind tour of Staten Island, eat a real New
York Bagel, lunch at a really good Italian restaurant with Cay's
brother and sister, the Staten Island zoo, a slice of real New
York pizza, the entire evening was a big party where all of his
relatives and families showed up. It was a lot of fun! His mom
is a tremendous hostess. I really liked her.

Today was a dash for Providence, Rhode Island to meet a friend of
ours. It should have taken 5 hours, but it was a horrible drive in
the pounding rain, the whole way. There were accidents that backed
up traffic, including a spectacular 18 wheeler that attempted to
mate with a cement meridian and a ditch, and so much water on the
road that the trucks fountained it all over and rain that we couldn't
see anything most of the way.

We almost were goners at another point, when an 18 wheeler
whipped around us, and attempted to merge in front of us with
a motorcycle and a panel truck - he lost control of the truck
on the water laden roads, but managed to right his truck before
it tipped. Cay just turned to me calmly and said "Stress Tab".
(I was carrying some homeopathic stress tablets, and had just
given him one the previous hour).

Connecticuiit was a lost cause. The rain continued the whole way
and we never really saw it. We finally got in to pick up the
friend at the University of Rhode Island, about 2 hours late.

We saw his apartment in Providence and got a quick tour of the
town. He took us to a really great bistro by his house. We were
really tired from the grueling drive. But the rain had stopped
when we got into town, so we dropped off the friend and drove
down to Newport as the light was failing. It was the first time
we had actually seen the ocean when it wasn't raining. We stopped
about 9 pm at a Marriot Courtyard (too expensive) but they have
a hot tub, high speed internet access.

We soaked our aching "driving muscles" and swam for awhile. We
checked out the weather forecasts, and we may finally be done with
most of the rain. It has been raining since we left except for a
several hour break yesterday. It some kind of huge system that has
flooded a lot of New England. We hope that the places we are going
are not underwater. One place we are headed to tomorrow has had
15 inches of rain in the last few days!

But first we are going to sleep in, and then go see the mansions
in Newport, and Land's End. I want to gaze out to the open sea
(when I can actually see it!).

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