Sunday, May 21, 2006

All over heck, and then home again!

Ahhh! Just got home a bit ago. I haven't had internet access for the
last 3 days so will have to catch you up, all at once!

We left Portland on Friday, and drove through New Hampshire, a bit
of Vermont, and the North Western part of Massachusetts to visit
some friends in North Adams. Most of the day it rained and was
difficult to drive. But it stopped, finally, and Massachusetts
turned out to be the most beautiful drive through the mountains!

Our friends, Howard and Eddie were spectacular hosts, and put us up
for the night. We talked late into the night, and again for 2 hours
in the morning. It was worth the late start - they were wonderful
to visit with. Howard is a rather famous gay cartoonist - and
posted our pictures and gave our podcasts a plug on his page:

Then it was Saturday and time to really book, to get home in 2 days.
We drove from Massachusetts through Upstate New York, across a
bit of Pennsylvania, all the way across Ohio and halfway across
Indiana (5 states in one day!) Of course it rained through much
of it. I've never seen so much rain on a vacation before. We stopped
at about 11:30pm to pass out.

Today we got up early, and finished up Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin,
and home to Minnesota. We drove through Chicago and stopped at
our favorite Japanese mall (Mitsua Marketplace) and had a
spectacular ramen lunch. (This really was an eating tour, wasn't
it? Diet was totally forgotten!)

Overall, we did about 3500 miles, and it is weird to be sitting on
a couch, and not have the world blurring past me. It was an
ambitious trip and we saw so much in 9 days, and spent time with
so many good people.

I can't even imagine going back to work tomorrow,
so I'd better get the pictures up and get to bed!

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