Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Feeling Nice

Today is looking up. I started losing weight again. I managed to
weight lift AND do 10 minutes (much faster) on the bike. The
muscles are returning to me from wherever muscles go when they
are hiding. And I dieted and wasn't hungry.

My boss had a little moral boosting thing where we got to vote on
who in the group was the most helpful to us over the last few
months, and the prize was a free massage from the lady who comes
into work to do them once in a while. Well, I got the vote, and
the massage was great!

I've tried a few of the chair messages, and a full body one once -
and I never was happy with the level or type of pressure they used.
This lady was perfect. In 10 minutes, I was totally useless, and
loved everybody! I think I may have to get a full massage from her.

It seemed to help with the overall inflammation I've been feeling in
my body. She is reasonably priced too! But she only has a portable
service, she comes to you. Hard to relax in my house with the dogs
going nuts all the time. They never settle down! Why didn't I
have fat, lazy dogs like I was supposed to? If you are in the
Minneapolis area, may want to check out Jessica Lorentz at I liked her a lot!

Maybe I can use the massage as a present to myself, every 10 pounds
lost, or something. Or maybe I can become rich and just get one
every day..... :)

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