Thursday, May 25, 2006

Killing Safety

Feeling frustrated again. I'm not making any progress in many
areas of my life. We all move so slowly, so little gets done.
Life is agonizingly short, and no one says what they want to say,
or does what they want to do. We all just stay in our safe little
worlds, even though we are miserable, afraid to do anything

Why? What does it gain us? We experience nothing new.
What are we saving ourselves for?

If I say the things I want to say, I shock people, or make them
uncomfortable. So I play the polite little games of society and
keep everyone safe. From the ogre of "truth", I guess....

Everyone locked quietly within themselves.
Terrified to speak out.
From everything but killing boredom
and the true experience of living.
Maybe tomorrow, I should scare somebody....

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