Thursday, May 18, 2006

Maine-ly Maine

Today was a LOT of driving and seeing great things! Drove from
Portsmouth, NH up much of the scenic route (Highyway 1) to Acadia
National Park and Bar Harbor. (It took way too long, and didn't
see much until we got to Acadia. Skip the scenic route and go
straight to Acadia!)

Spent a couple of hours in Bar Harbor buying presents for David
who is watching our dogs and house while we are gone. (Don't read
this David!) Just kidding, I'm not going to say what we bought.
Lunch in Bar Harbor - found an amazing Blueberry Wheat Beer (yum!).
Had a Lobster Roll, which everyone in Staten Island said I had
to try. It really is just a wad of lobster meat in Mayo, on a bun.
Rather bland and disappointing. I finally have to admit that
lobster is pretty boring unless it is swimming in garlic butter.
For the price - I'll get crab legs.

I've eaten everything I wanted to eat on this trip except fried clams!
They were out of them at the place that I tried to get them. I'm
not coming home until I get my fried clams!

After lunch, we drove all the way around Acadia, and walked out on
the rocks and took lots of pictures. My gosh that place is gorgeous!

Then at 6:30 at night we decided to drive back to Portland Maine, to
get a head start on tomorrow. We are meeting friends in North
Adams Massachusetts, and we still have to get through an hour of
Maine, then across New Hampshire, into Vermont, down to
Massachusetts, and over to the far western border.

We didn't get to Portland until 10 p.m. and that was quite enough
driving, thanks! Cay had to do most of it, because my bad ankle with
the patched torn tendon, is really a mess today. I can barely walk on
it. I knew I brought him along for a reason. He is becoming a real
road trip trouper with the driving! Enough blather - on with the pics!

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David Cummer said...

You got me presents? Didja, Didja?? What is it? A cowboy? A Mountie? (Hell, what am I thinking? I'm going up nort' soon, and I can pick my own damn Mountie!)

I have discovered that the dog's favourite toy is the trash can...