Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Recovering. Need sleep very badly - couldn't sleep last night, and it
is catching up with me. I MADE myself go for a walk after work, I
have to build the muscles back up. It was slow going but felt good.
I also am really pushing because I gained weight on the trip, (any
surprise after all that food!?) I'm determined to get it off fast -
I still have to deal with the drug induced weight.

I'm experimenting with herbs again. I haven't had any depression
since going off the drugs, except a rather difficult bout of it when
I got to Maine on the trip. I hate that it comes out of nowhere,
and I'm suddenly struggling to maintain and having to get through it.
I managed to fight it off after many hours, but it reminded me I
wasn't entirely free of it.

So when I got back, I started on the St.Johns Wort and 5-HTP herbal
supplements. This combination has worked some for me in the past.
It can't fight off the big stuff, but good for basic maintenance.
Also, the Joint herbs (using Flex-o-Min and MSM) seem to be helping
with the inflammation. My bad ankle was huge when I got home, and
now has gone down a lot. And my knees have started working again.

Just existing shouldn't be such a battle....
Aw heck, I'm going to bed!

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