Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Newport Rocks!

We spent nearly the entire day playing in Newport. Started with the
Ocean Drive, and pulled over by the ocean and ate 2-day-old New
York bagels (still good!) and coffee. The day was sunny and about
68 - no rain!

Walked around Newport, then went through "The Breakers" mansion -
about an hour tour. I've seen pictures of the place, but it didn't
come close to the reality! Breathtaking!

Went back into town and down to the wharf. We ate a pile of
seafood - stuffed clams, bourbon glazed scallops in bacon, fish
and chips. I think my pants are getting tight! Then back out to
the mansions, and went through "Rosecliff" and "The Marble House".

By then we are so tired of walking that we got in the car and
drove up through Massachusetts and across the New Hampshire
coast. We are stopped in Portsmouth, just across the bridge
from Maine. There was a lot of flooding in the upper part of
Massachusetts to here, but nothing that stopped us. There was
also a bowl of incredible clam chowder at the hotel here, after
we got in. I had better walk to Maine....

Tomorrow, Acadia and Bar Harbor!

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