Sunday, May 28, 2006

Preparations (not of the "H" kind)

Why is it, when the heat index is 101 degrees, everything goes into
slow motion? I hid in my bedroom most of the day (only room with
an air conditioner) and edited the Uncomfortable Questions
podcast - which is up now, by the way:
Show 38 - John Vardell Interview.

Every time I ventured out of my room to do something, I was
pouring sweat and feeling ill within minutes. The house is an amazing
heat trap, but only in the the winter it is freezing
and drafty. So I was relatively useless today, except for the editing.

Our huge Memorial Day Barbeque is tomorrow, so some things just
had to be done to get ready for it. Rain is predicted, so the last thing
tonight was to put up the screen house/gazebo-y thing, to try to
offer some protection.

Those things are designed by sadist maniacs - and it is always a
miracle of Divine intervention, when then thing is finally set up.
Well it is up, the masses of food are ready, the chairs are out, and
all that is left is to do the "Please Don't Rain" dance - and let
the party run it's course.

"1-2-3-9-hop, skip, skip, hold.... leap!" Weren't those the steps
to the Don't Rain dance? Why is there a hurricane and snow in
the yard?

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