Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ready, Set, Go!

I only worked until an almost reasonable 7:20 pm tonight... only 2
more systems to go - I have to finish tomorrow (along with some
other random work tasks). I'll have set up 17 systems from scratch
at that point. I think I did o.k. Gosh I hope so. I have the
exhaustion to prove it. It was a great learning experience.

Other than that, I came home and started packing, I'm over half
done, should finish easily after work tomorrow (if I don't stay
until some stupid hour trying to finish up). I am so psyched for
this trip, I can already feel the road beneath my feet (well
beneath my butt, since I'll be driving....) I get to see the
Atlantic Ocean again!!! It has been a scarily long amount of
time since I saw it last.

I like Minnesota, the people, the work, the trees. But it really
could use an ocean. Maybe someday with global warming, the Great
Lakes will flood and become a northern ocean.... probably not
the best way to get one.... I guess I'll just have to drive.

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