Saturday, May 27, 2006

Returning to the routine

I seem to finally be recovering and am returning to the things I was
doing before vacation. I wonder if that is necessarily a good thing?
Who says what I was doing before vacation was worth it?

Anyways, bought lots of fruit and vegetables today and actually ate
them. I'm not sure why that always makes me feel so much better. I
take a ton and half of vitamins but it never works as well as food,
even though the vitamins have a lot more nutrition. Maybe there are
nutrition components in food they don't suspect yet. As soon as I
ate it, I had to go sleep for another hour. When the nutrients
hit my system, my body literally shut me down for repairs!

Then bought a bunch of annual flowers for the corner garden by the
door, that I put in every year. I really like it, because it is what
I see when I come home from work every day - and vivid bright
Petunias, Impatients and Begonias are a fine, happy thing to see.

I did some stretching and very, very light workout. I'm as weak
as a kitten compared to where I was 3 weeks ago! How could you lose
muscle strength so fast? Just what is in that food on the East Coast
that saps your strength? Kryptonite? Must be in the Clam Chowder.

This evening, I had a Skype interview for my show, Uncomfortable
Questions. I haven't interviewed in over a month and I really felt
like I was back on track. The interview was with a Techno, Goth,
Experimental musician from Texas, and it was delightful. He gave
some new and original answers to the questions and I had quite a
good time talking to him!

I even snuck in some video game play (Kingdom Hearts II) instead of
plowing through my email, like I should.... Tomorrow - I will edit
my show and do something about email, really!

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