Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tiredly into the future!

Now that summer has officially started for me - it is time to get to
work. Still not very strong and weight is not good after the party!
I've decided I'm going to lose 35 lbs by my birthday in October,
darn it! I'm going to ramp up that exercise and eat mostly salads
and fruit. I'm tired of not making progress.

Course I just did 10 minutes on the bike, and thought I was going
to die.... legs feel like lead weights.... this is going to hurt!

Back to work today, giving some training this week in a lab I don't
know much about. Blind leading the blind, I suppose. I'm just cockier
than most. I think I know what I am doing ... at least until I hit
the wall a few times. Then I still think I know what I am doing,
but my head hurts :)

Thinking about getting back to filming, the troupe took the month
of May off, with all of us taking vacations. We keep talking about
doing something new, but end up with the same dumb humor. Well,
this time, for sure!

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