Monday, May 29, 2006

We committed "Party-age"

Wow. What a party that was! I'd say there were about 50 people.
The weather was predicting severe storms when a cooler front came
through, but it didn't rain on us! The storms split and went north
and south of Minneapolis! But the cooler front was appretiated.
It was 93 degrees and very humid when the barbeque started at 3,
and everyone was very overheated. We hosed down the dogs, and
several people joined in. Many women brought paper fans and it
looked like a scene from the old south, with all the belles
fanning away.

But around 6 pm the temp dropped into the 80's again, and was
much more pleasant. The food was incredible! Cay and Joel churned
out the most amazing array of stir-fry dishes. It turns out
putting a wok on the barbeque works very well. Joel must have
cooked 10 masterpieces in the first few hours. I wasn't hungry,
because I was so ill from the heat - but I tried one bite of
many of the dishes. They really astonished the crowd with the
sheer variety of food! Joel was doing stir fry with such
ingredients as Lobster and Plantain!

Since tomorrow was a work day, everyone left by 11 pm. (early
for one of our parties) - but it was nice to have time to clean
up and I'll still get to bed before midnight. My summer season
has now officialy opened!

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