Saturday, June 17, 2006

And I do this for FREE?

All podcasting, all the time. I just put in a solid 13 hours on
things to do with podcasting. I interviewed Lynoure in Finland at
11 am (it took us 2 hours to get the Skype connection to work),
started right in editing the interview when we were done, and then
got interviewed myself for another show, finished my own editing,
and just posted a new show!

I willingly worked 13 solid hours, and I don't get payed for this!
It must be a labor of insanity, er, love. Actually it was great
fun talking to Lynoure and getting a Finnish perspective on life,
and to Anthony, who interviewed me this evening.

The new Uncomfortable-Questions is up at: "Lynoure Interview".
I'll post a link to me being interviewed, when Anthony posts his show.

I had some interesting email conversations today - having to do with
if you can really change your life. I have mostly coasted through
life, going wherever it took me. I never could seem to effect any
great changes on myself or others. I was wondering (to quote my
earlier email) "if I made a huge effort of will and tried to make my
life different, would anything change at all? I suspect it wouldn't be
all that much different. I think who we are as a personality keeps
pulling us back to it's core set of reactions, and those reactions are
always similar, no matter what the situation...."

So I've been pondering, in the name of scientific experimentation, if
I could pick one thing in my life, and exert all my will to changing
that thing to be the way I want it, if I could make the change?
The problem is I haven't yet picked out the thing I want to change
in myself. There is certainly plenty to choose from. Any ideas? :)

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Big Phil said...

I often look at the time and effort I put into doing my podcast and wonder if its really worth it.
I enjoy doing it, maybe thats enough.
I've thought about ending it several times, but have always been able to talk myself out of it.