Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Call us if you die, or figure out what you have"

Well the good AND the bad news is I don't have strep. So of course,
I got "it must be a virus or allergies - call us if it gets worse". Who
has a sore throat for a month? Without a cold? So back to the
immune boosting herbs, and see if my body will take it out.

I did eat a steak tonight and felt loads better. I have only been
eating meat on the weekends, trying to phase it down - I'd like to
be a vegetarian for moral reasons (I love animals) but my diabetes
and health really suffers if I don't eat meat. Ugh - total dilemma!

So far all I've managed to stick to is I don't eat pork - pigs are
just too intelligent. Actually I think someone told me that pork
tasted like people, and I just totally lost my taste for it after
that :) No I'm not suggestible.... my doctor has been suggesting
that I lose weight for years.... :)

Today my picture came - I ordered one of those art reproduction
paintings (with real brush-strokes!) of a Sheila Wolk painting
called Sanctuary. I bought it with some bonus money I got at
work. It is hanging on the wall and is stunning! I'll post the
catalog picture above this post. I love it, not only because of
the intense detail and color, but the subject matter. It is an
angel, but she is wearing a gaudy dress, feathers in her hair, and
has a somewhat sulky look to her. I like things that don't
usually go together.

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