Thursday, June 08, 2006

Comfortable Ruttiness

Oh my - the days are getting really similar. I have to wake up
every day and announce to myself "Thursday - today is Thursday!"
I go to work (and have a pretty good time, granted), come home
and eat, read email, exercise, blog, and play a little of Kingdom
Hearts 2
(the video game we are working our way through).

I am pretty content, overall though. It is a comfortable existence.
Isn't this what I was aiming for on the drugs? If not happiness,
at least content? Why do I get it now, long after I quit the drugs?

Life isn't amazing, but it isn't too bad. Should I push towards
greatness? I suppose greatness is uncomfortable.... There is so
much I am not doing, I've had to prioritize what I can get into
a day. I achieved what I was trying to do the last year - live
in the moment, and not worry too much about what is to come.
And yet -

I feel like I'm coasting again, like I've done most of my life.
I'll probably get restless and change everything again at some
point - but for now, I guess I've earned a respite.

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