Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dream Date

Heh-heh, wouldn't I love a "dream date"....

Actually I've just tripped over a lot of information about
dreaming lately - how you don't only dream in the REM state like
scientists originally thought - how dreams don't come from the
primal part of your brain, but instead activates the frontal parts
and the emotional and correction centers - how many authors and
musicians actually have written books and songs they dreamed.

I'm currently intrigued with the "solutions" nature of dreaming.
Some studies have shown that people will often come up with
solutions to problems in their life, but there is a "gestation"
or "lag" period. It seems to take about 7 days to get a solution
to a problem you contemplate as you are going to sleep. (This
also tends to only work for simpler problems - complex stuff
can take a lot longer). Why 7 days? You dream about 2 hours
per night (6 years in a lifetime!) So it takes 14 hours to come
up with an answer? Why would that be?

I think I'm going to try it. Actually ask for a solution to a
problem every night as I am drifting off. I want to see what
happens. Of course, keeping my mind on the problem instead of
zinging off the walls as it does some nights, may be the


Big Phil said...

Intriguing theory. I might give this a try.
I would like to have a dream date.

I would like to have a date of any kind!

Susan Grandys said...

So I wonder if you ask your dreams for a solution on how to get a dream date, what would happen? Probably only get a date in your dreams....

Big Phil said...

I do dream of dates. Right now the dream is enough.