Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dreaming Garden Zombies from Australia

What moron thinks that gardening is relaxing??! I think I have
pulled every muscle in my body, and I can't find anything that
doesn't hurt! Except maybe my nose. I don't think that hurts...

Got about 25 feet of fence line tilled, planted, put in brick
edging, and layed down 5 bags of wood bark mulch. Then I started
on the far back area before I realized I could barely move anymore.
I was out of plants and bark, anyways.

It looks nice, but not as nice as the amount of work that was put
into it. It just makes the rest of the yard look like it needs
something. I was pretty wasted for the rest of the day. That much
sunshine and exercise is obviously bad for you.... I'll post
a couple of pictures of the day's labor, above.

David dropped by for the late afternoon and evening, and he, I
and Cayenne kicked around ideas for next week's video show. We
have a stuffed wombat, and the Australian jokes kept coming -
so I guess a tribute to our Australian watchers is in order.
We apparently have many fans in Australia and we think it is
so great, of course we have to make fun of it!

David and I talked about dream symbolism a lot. We've both been
having some strange ones. I've been having a fair number of
dreams that take place in parking ramps. Not parking in them,
or ones that even have cars in them - but huge fantasy settings
that take place inside of parking ramps that have many levels
underground for huge demonic settings, or soar up into castle
like fantastic settings. We looked it up on the web, but we
couldn't find any mention of parking ramps as a dream symbol.
In fact, most of the symbols in my dreams aren't in any
dream dictionary. I guess I'm different than the norm -
(what a surprise!).

Otherwise, I am really getting into this summer thing. We spent
much of the day outdoors, (not counting working on the yard),
talking, laying in the hammock, and enjoying the 76 degree, breezy,
beautiful day. Usually I don't notice summer all that much, but
this year I'm totally into it!

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