Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Empty Accomplishment

Finished the silly Kingdom Hearts 2 video game. It is silly to feel
a sense of accomplishment from getting done after 40 hours? The
story bits were quite good, but there were too many long boring bits!

I'm feeling a little better today. The viral?/bacterial? infection
that moved into my eyes 2 days ago and they were very red and
inflamed and hurt. I had scary zombie eyes! That seems to have
cleared up tonight. The muscle and joint pain got better yesterday.
I did more research on the web, and it seems a strep infection could
have caused everything I've been going through for the last month.

Great - I go see the doctor in the morning, just when I may have
fought it off, after all this time. I think it is the visit to the
doctor that cures most things. You ALWAYS get better when you
finally get in, and they must wonder if we are all hypochondriacs.

As I pointed out to a friend at work - we SHOULD all be
hypocondriacs! Who else is going worry about us that much? We each
have an incredible vested interest in our own health level. After all,
where will we live if our bodies go away?


David Cummer said...

Me, I'm planning on sub-letting...

Susan Grandys said...

Good Plan! Now who sublets bodies?
I really need a new one!