Saturday, June 24, 2006

The exploding suburbs, and domestic pursuits

I made it through party number 2 this week without gaining weight.
2 more parties next weekend....

There was a nice get together at an ex-coworker's house last night,
a wine and cheese party. Needless to say there was tons of food,
snacks and alcohol and I managed to resist it all and lost 1/2
pound to boot. I dealt with it by sitting on their huge deck and
chatting with an old co-worker that I haven't seen since I left.
I didn't know him well, though he was one of a small group of us
who went out for lunch a few times my last 2 weeks there.
Things haven't changed much back at the old job, so we caught
up on life things instead.

We sat on the deck for hours watching the spectacular sunset,
the lovely pond and the really strange suburban neighbors!
I live in the city and don't get out to the suburbs much. They
have changed. One of the neighbors started busting up all kinds
of plywood and starting a really big bonfire. Then he got on his
riding tractor and rode it around the bonfire (supposedly mowing?)
It was like a modern day tribal ritual with him dancing around
the fire via a mechanical vehicle (while smoking). Then he
started setting off a lot of big fireworks. Now that's a guy
who likes things burning and exploding :) It was an entertaining
and pleasant evening.

Today I got an urge to start landscaping the back yard. I've
been meaning to do it since I moved in (7 years ago). So it
was off to get tools and bark mulch and some plants - on sale
at the garden store. I just got started digging, and the rain
really let loose. So, the landscaping is on hold until tomorrow,
I only got about a 4 foot section done. I will poke at it all
summer as money and energy allow. After I do the fence line,
I'm dreaming up a waterfall, and maybe even a patio area.
Besides, I heard gardening burns a lot of calories....

But it is rather domestic of me. I usually avoid such activities!
With luck, it is just temporary summer maddess and the urge
will pass, so I can go back to being a slug.

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