Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Goofing Solstice

I'm getting ready to go out - it's Cayenne's birthday tomorrow, and
since I missed last year, I felt bad and promised to be designated
driver and babysitter to him tonight, so he can cut loose and get
sloshed. My god he is 38 years old - I've known him since he was 22!
Where did those years go? Who took them???? Well, just give them back!

Since I'll probably be up until 3 am or so, I took tomorrow off, so I
can sleep in. Hmmm, I'll have the Solstice off - I feel like I should
do something really pagan. Like, er, well I can't think of anything.
Except drinking or eating or something, which would not be on my
diet! I'll probably just goof off. Or stick flowers in my hair. Or
most likely play video games. Not very Solstice-y, I suppose.

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