Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Accidents!

Work was - well, work! I struggled with some hardware until 7pm and
then wandered off, a little dazed forgetting to send 2 emails I
needed to send. So logged back on, and finished up. Interesting
stuff though, I'm enjoying the challenge.

Then started searching the web for a video of a triple set of
PBS shows I saw in 1996 "The Mozart Sessions", "Rhapsody in Blue"
and "Appalachian Waltz" hosted by Bobby McFerrin. You can get the
CD's but they never did put out the videos - not the same! :(

But this led me to some spectacular finds on the web. I didn't
know about - people are putting up videos of
darn near everything!

If you think of Bobby McFerrin as that "Don't Worry, Be Happy" guy,
then you have to view this video of Bobby McFerrin - Solo.
I knew he was doing this kind of work, but this reminded me that he
had taken the voice where no one has taken it before. Wow!!!!!

That led to this video: Bobby Mcferrin & Grupa Mocarta
where I made the happy discovery of "Grupa Mocarta". I searched on
Grupa Mocarta in youtube and spent the rest of the night watching
all of their short videos. They are from Poland and do very funny
and wonderful things that a string quartet should not do! They
were in it for the pure joy and fun, in addition to being startling
and multi-talented musicians. Music has not brought me that much
joy in ages! I couldn't stop smiling and shouting with delight!

I love it when you find something wonderful by accident.
May the Web never die.

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