Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Kenji kind of day

So I get home tonight and - sugoi! (amazing in Japanese) Kenji
is in my backyard again! (The visitor from Tokyo from last night).
He came back to visit! We drank lots of beer and barbecued steak
and huge portobello mushrooms. And talked for hours. His
English is decent, and we know a little Japanese.

We talked about history of the Samurai, and World War II, and
cultures all over the world, and astronomy, and Stephen Hawking,
and black holes, and neutrinos, and Einstein, and quantum physics
and string theory. An amazing feat at times as we struggled
across languages, and occasionally looked up a word in our
English-Japanese dictionary. But we communicated, nonetheless.

Kenji is extremely well read and charming as heck!
Now I'm trying to figure out a way to finally save up that
money and go see our friends in Tokyo, including Kenji.
What great fun this is turning out to be.

Starting with last night, this holiday is non-stop.
Visitors the last 2 nights, 3 different bands we have friends
in are playing at First Avenue tomorrow, an interview and a
birthday party for the D.J. friend on Saturday, an interview,
filming and a party at the bar on Sunday, and then I still
have Monday and Tuesday off from work.

My life is loooong stretches of mundane and boring, interjected
with some really wild, frantic fun times. Oh well, sleep is for

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