Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Fabulous Film Career

All video work today. Came up with pictures and text so we could be
"Celebrity Endorsements" for our podcast hosting service: Libsyn.
Free advertisements for our various podcasts! I'll post the picture
and text I sent in for show above this post.

Then David came over and we filmed an entire episode of
Channel Surfing Wipeout. Hopefully it will be edited and up
in a day or two - it's been well over a month since we did a show.
I did enjoy having a break from it, though. Creative recharge.

Now I'm exhausted and want to go to bed. Filming is hard (and hot)
work. The "lazy" me is glad I didn't become a film star - I can't
imagine doing that for 12 hours a day in hot costumes and makeup!

So did I go into computers because I was lazy? I sure taxes the
brain, but not so much the body. Did I make my final lifetime career
choice out of sheer physical laziness? Makes me wonder. My degree
actually is in Theatre! I didn't go back to school for computers
until I was 27, and rather tired of being poor.... Hmmm, so it
was laziness and greed! :) :)

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