Friday, June 16, 2006

Not Drugged Brain Quiet

Work was all kinds of goofy fun. Everyone was in a silly mood - must
have been the heavy air before the storms that have started tonight.
Couldn't have been because it was Friday. I was almost sorry when
the day was over!

I also noticed suddenly that my brain is fairly calm. And it has
been for awhile. The constant, frantic spinning of my brain is just
not there. And this is without drugs for 2 months. It is a healthy
quiet, not the drug enforeced deadness that I was feeling.

I think my Seratonin levels really did balance themselves at last!
Maybe from the drugs re-setting them and then they stayed that
way, maybe maintained by the seratonin boosting diet and
herb supplements.

It seems so odd to not be really thinking about anything, or worrying
about everything.

I always used to think about everything, all at once! I wonder if
that is why I am fairly happy these days? I wonder if it will stay
like this?

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