Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oddly Off

Ugh. I missed writing yesterday because I don't feel quite right.
I went out for an omelet and a beer with the D.J. friend - and
nearly went unconscious by the time I got home. I went right to
bed and slept for 9 solid hours. Then today I had to nap again.
I did feel better after all the sleep, and the throat pain was
not as bad.

I feel perfectly fine, except for this sore throat that is not
horrible but annoying, and the fact I've had it for about a
month. Also every time I eat a lot of protein, like last night,
me body shuts me down immediately. Very strange! I did give in
and make the doctor's appointment for Wednesday. I suspect I
am locked in a battle, where my tonsils keep grabbing a virus
and hold it at bay, but I never quite fight it off. I'm taking
lots of immune booster herbs too.

When we got up this morning, Cay drug me off to the opening of
the 4th Apple store in this area, over at Ridgedale. We stood in
line for 1/2 an hour to get in (but the 1st 1000 people got free
t-shirts, so we hung in there) and we did get our t-shirts.
We also registered to win a free iMac computer, as that is the
only way we'll get a new one for quite awhile....

I took it very easy the rest of the day, hoping to fight off
whatever the heck this throat problem is. Kinda nice to goof off
that much, though!

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