Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Opposites. Life is so full of them.
I couldn't sleep much last night because I was worried about how I
was handling the person that seemed so critical of me. We talked
today, and it seemed to evaporate.

And today was 6/6/06 - jokes about 666 Number of the Beast.
But it was a VERY good day for me. I had my yearly review at work.
In 2 weeks I will have been there an entire year! I still feel
so new!

The review was good. Hell, it was exceptional! They like me A LOT!
You never know for sure until you see it on paper, signed in
triplicate. Dollars amounts and comments from your boss and peers.
It pleased me so much, I read it 3 times. They REALLY like me!
I guess I found a home for awhile :)

So one day my confidence is crumbling, the next day my ego is
too fat to get through the door. I suppose it is to be enjoyed.
Life doesn't let fat egos live for long - there is always the
next deflating experience that will probably come along tomorrow.
(Why doesn't weight loss work that well? Hmmm, maybe it is good it
doesn't - I'd be gigantic one day, and anorexic the next...)

For now, I am very pleased, and very tired! Good Night!

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David Cummer said...

Congratulations on the great review!