Friday, June 30, 2006

Punk-o-rama night!

Another fun day at work - and now launching into 4 glorious
summer days off! And I'm too hot already. It is about 90 degrees
out. I had some delusions of doing more landscaping, but it is
going to stay hot for a few days. There is a problem leaving
the safe haven of air conditioning at work.... :)

Still juggling the holiday schedule to make it a little less
busy and do-able. But still have to head out to the bar tonight
to see the friend's in 3 different bands. The 1st of them doesn't
go on until 11 pm, so it is going to be a late one!
I wish my bed didn't already look so enticing.....

My friend's bands by the way are:
Spider Fighter:
Birthday Suits:
Die Electric: some bizarre address

Spider Fighter is sort of 80's punk girl band.
Birthday Suits are an astonishing "wall of sound" Japanese band
(how 2 guys do that much sound is a mystery to everyone!)
Die Electric is straight ahead punk with a lot of good musicians.


Big Phil said...

90 degrees? You poor thing.
We hit 96 today, but it felt like 196.

Susan Grandys said...

I know, I know - it isn't that warm.
It's just that going to a really crowded bar with lots of energetic folks jumping up and down to punk-ish music sounded,
well like total overheat time. It's easier to see my friend's bands when it is cold out! But I'm off to be supportive now!