Thursday, June 15, 2006

Responsible Girl

Got another HUGE bonus from work today deposited in my account.
I was committed to sending it to my credit cards to pay them down
a bit. Man, it is hard to resist spending it (just a little bit
of it!). I decided finally to pay most to the credit cards, pay off
the new water heater, buy a new 250 GB hard drive (for only $99!),
and maybe take my car in for it's 45,000 mile checkup.

That sounds so dull. Why is responsibility so dull? If you are a
good girl and pay your bills instead of blowing the money, I think
you should get free lovers for a month, or some such reward.
Instead, you have a payed bill, and have no fun..... there is
something wrong with that!

I'm finally starting to recover from the weird virus or whatever it
was. Sore throat is almost gone, and I made it through my usual full
walk tonight. I haven't had the strength to do that in weeks. I guess
the immune booster herbs are finally fighting it off.
Its nice to have my body back in almost working order.

I was archiving last months blog page, and I started reading some
from the beginning of this 2nd blog. I talked a lot about feeling
like I was waiting for something. In just a couple of months, my
life got a lot better, I'm a lot happier, my job is exceptional,
and you know what? I'm still waiting.

The sad part, is as I am dying, I will still be waiting.....

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