Friday, June 02, 2006

Skating Daemon!

I had enough sense to come home at a reasonable hour, but decided
not to go out for the usual Friday dinner and beer with D.J.
friend. I've lost 3 pounds this week, so in spite of missing the
beer, food, and my friend - I ate a salad, and made attempt #2
at in-line skating, instead. I haven't gone since before vacation.

Mostly I flailed around 1/4 of the lake, so I got no further than
last time, but I did make a lot more vaguely skating-like motions.
I was pouring sweat by that point, and my legs ached, so it must
be tremendously good exercise. I guess my next goal is to get 1/2
way around the lake. Some people go several times around the lake
but getting around even once seems very far away!

I'm sure the muscles will report in tomorrow, but hopefully the
pain will get less each time.

I was very content and comfortable at work today, and really feel
like I belong there now. I wish I had a magic answer for everyone
on how to shorten the time of loneliness and discomfort at a new
job until you get it down, and meet enough people. Even being fully
aware of the issues with starting over and actively trying to
shorten the adjustment, I couldn't make it happen faster.
It annoys me that I couldn't overcome that. What is the point in
getting older, if you can't do things better?

It is behind me now. I suppose it is time to just enjoy it.

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