Monday, June 12, 2006

Still Not Right

I'm just in holding mode now. The combination of sore throat and
general weakness is still there. It's actually kind of creepy.
I don't get better, I don't get worse, day after day. I don't
have high hopes for the doctor appointment - it can take them
years to figure some things out. I took an iron pill to see if
it would help - I've been borderline anemic in the past. I don't
feel any different. Annoying! I have things to do!

I figure I'll see if the doc will do a strep test, and after that
I'm out of ideas. I don't know what is wrong. Maybe it will just
go away, just like it came out of nowhere. Still makes me wonder
what happened to me on that vacation. I'm sure I wasn't abducted
by aliens, or anything :)

Another workday, another evening of video games. I just don't have
the energy for anything else.


Big Phil said...

Are you sure about the aliens? I was once abducted by illegal aliens from across the border.

Susan Grandys said...

Hmmm - I'm not so sure. Spent lots of time in Rhode Island. They may not be aliens, but they consistently make the "worst drivers" lists of all the states.
They were all quite charming, though!