Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The surprise in the back yard

Well, I did start the dream experiment. I asked for a solution for
what I should do for creativity next. I've been kind of stumped on
what direction to go, or what to try next with the shows.

I then proceeded to dream all night about how I shouldn't dye my
hair red (I wasn't planning on it!), and something about trying to
remember to keep the door closed on the Moon-base I was working
in, with a bunch of people from work. I guess I better keep it
up for the 7 days of lag .....

By the time you read this, it appears that the show I got
interviewed for will have my interview up:
It is pretty much an interview about why I do my show, and how
I got into podcasting and such - I haven't listened to it yet,
but it is probably only of interest to die-hard podcasting fans...

I came home to a wonderful surprise of synchronicity. A Japanese
acquaintance K* is in town for 3 weeks (he is a good friend of a
friend of ours in Tokyo), and I only got to meet him once last
week. And there he was, lying in the hammock in the back yard,
along with another Japanese woman Y* who I know, along with our
next door neighbor. This was a strange, but welcome assortment
of people to find in the back yard! Y* and K* have never been
to the house, and had no idea where we lived.

It turns out that our next-door neighbor works with the Japanese
woman - who K* was staying with. The neighbor brought them by his
house after work to see his huge model plane collection. Cayenne
(who they both know from the bar) went out to water the new
landscaping and the Japanese friends called out to him (startling
our neighbor that they would know the people next door), and they
all ended up hanging out with us for a few hours this evening.

When the world is small, it is amazing small. The rest of the
time it is just really big.... go figure.


Big Phil said...

When are you going to dye your hair?

Susan Grandys said...

Pthhhhttt! Actually I had red hair - I used to dye my hair all kinds of colors.
I look HORRENDOUS as a red-head.
I have a very ruddy complexion, and the red hair clashes with it, or something.
The dream was probably telling me not to
do something that wouldn't be good for me... or at least that made me look bad :)